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What Is This?

(cross-posted from a filtered entry on my personal LJ)
I REALLY need to know what this strange feeling is. Maybe if I do know I can...prevent it somehow or learn to cope with it.

Okay, I was showering...AND 'pleasuring myself' (hey, the showerhead has a pulsing setting, what ELSE am I supposed to do with it?) and I...came. Usually when I do, I move it away from that area because its WAY sensitive and I...didn't for some reason. Then the muscle in my arm felt it had been pulled. Then I felt dizzy and clammy and fuzzy, like I lost the feeling to my body. I felt really WEAK and sweaty and just...weird. I might have even knocked some stuff off the bathroom sink as I was stumbling around. I sat on the toilet and the feeling just...went away gradually. My vision focused and I could feel...again.

This is not the first time this has happened. This happened once at school and I had to be sent home. I felt so weird because I didn't know WHAT was wrong and the last time was a few months ago, again while I was showering (and on my period). I pulled out that weird black and brown thing that tends to come out and it was in one solid chunk and I almost fucking FAINTED I was so grossed out. I mean, I know that's what happens, the miracle that is the vagina but I was like "UHHHHG, SO GROSS....*wobble wobble*"
That last time I asked my Mom what it was, this overwhelming crippling feeling and she said "...it sounds like a hot flash." Hot flash? WHAT?
(FYI, I'm only 19)

Ummm...any ideas?
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