evillittlekiwi (evillittlekiwi) wrote in vaginapagina,

menstrual pads..help i'm doing it wrong!

today my period threw me a surprise party while i was at work. i usually use tampons but didn't have one on me. so i searched in my work drawer and found a pad. i dusted it off and strapped it in.....and..it didn't quite work out.

it was a thin/extra long/with wings pad...and even thought it was uh..placed correctly-it felt all wrong. like it bunched up on one side. and..well this might be TMI..but all the blood was pushed forward..in the area where my clit is..so just the front/top of the pad was collecting....this happens whenever i use a pad

what the heck am i doing wrong? i am overweight..so are my chubby thighs to blame?

i really want to get into cloth pads..but not if it is going to end up like this.
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