Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

pregnancy concerns.

i posted here a while back about missing some birth control and being worried about that, plus being on antibiotics. i was told my chances of pregnancy were absymally low...
i ended up with about 3 days of spotting a day after i'd posted, from the missed BC i suppose, so i ended up not going back again for another test, because i figured hey, that'd be a pretty good sign all is well, right?
then saturday night i ended up drinking. there was rum involved, but plenty of water with and even some food later on at night. i woke up feeling fine, kept feeling fine all afternoon - and then about maybe 6 sunday evening started to feel sick to my stomach. nothing else, no headache or anything.
i thought at first i was getting sick or it was caused by the drinking, but... it hasn't gone away. at all. it's been now more than 48 hours since i drank and i still feel nauseated, and not sick in any other way.
is this A Really Bad Sign or am i just possibly still feeling the effects of drinking?
i'd like to know before i go into the health center and ask for a blood pregnancy test. i don't like looking paranoid/irresponsible.
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