caroline (litttlecreature) wrote in vaginapagina,

my vagina hates me.

hey y'all -

so, i've been having some issues for a while now, and i can't seem to find out what the hell's goin on! i posted a while back about having almost non-stop yeast infection symptoms; what i figured was a recurrent YI: itching, burning, and white, clumpy (alternating with really white and watery) discharge. since then, i've been to the doctor three times, and each time they take a sample and tell me i look fine down there, that there's nothing wrong or out of the ordinary.

i know this isn't normal, though - it's really taking a toll on my sex life, for one thing, and i'm not even comfortable during the day most of the time. there's always a dull itch and burn, and so much discharge i have to wear a pad all the time. also, this is gross, but the discharge tastes.. sour? TMI, but.. c'est la vie.

i'm getting ridiculously fed up.

help me!!
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