alex (talkaboutmoi) wrote in vaginapagina,

raw vaginal canal/yeast infection treatment

Hi there! I skimmed through the memories, and I didn't find anything about this (unless I'm not seeing it, then I feel silly)

I completed a seven-day yeast infection treatment about two and a half weeks ago. I've had my period since then, and so far everything seems okay. Except...when I have sex, even properly lubricated, it BURNS. It feels like someone is taking a blowtorch to the inside of me. Afterward it's even worse, for about a half hour I feel like my vagina is sizzling.

During treatment, the cream would feel like it was stripping away the inside of my vagina, so am I just reparing or is something else wrong? I'm trying to get a better idea before I pay to see a doctor.

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