Carly (miss_conduct) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible vaginal tear?

Wow, after years of being a member here, it is time for my frist VP question!
I have come to you wonderful people because of the mixed information I have found online.

On Saturday my lover and I had a lot of sex. On Sunday, I felt a bit raw, and put it down to possibly not being wet enough. I didn't notcie any on Sunday, but yesterday when I wiped after I peed, I noticed some tiny blood spots. The only conclusion I can draw is that I got a small tear.
I don't feel sick, no temperature, drinking lots of water (Summer here, so I'm drinking heaps anyway), cotton undies, not tight clothes.
It is now Tuesday morning. I haven't checked for any more blood, but I am still a bit tender.
Am I justified in not going to the doctor? I was thinking of approaching it like a new piercing (of which I have a few in the 'pants area') - lots of rest, hydration, and no interference - but thought I would check with your guys' knowledge first, in case there is something I must know.
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