you're beautiful (internetporn) wrote in vaginapagina,
you're beautiful

Implantation Bleeding question!!!

Hello VPers! I have a quick question about implantation bleeding...AND IT IS:

Just how much comes out?? Is in, is it a significant amount or just a couple drops/smears. I know that sometimes it looks pinkish and other times like brownish discharge (at least that is what internet sources say) but they never mention just how much there is!

So my story (ugh): I've only had sex TWICE (that I can remember - this plays a factor!) since my last period, the first was the day after my period stopped (so no chance of pregnancy there since it was sorta in the "safe zone" before ovulation (as I understand it) and the second was last night, a good TEN days after my period (period started October 31st and ended Thursday November 5th). Both these times were with condoms. BUT on Tuesday, November 10th, me and the boyfriend were fooling around, and I'm not quite sure if there was penetration and then the pullout method - I don't remember!!! We didn't have condoms that night and ughhh, after sex yesterday, there were sort of darkish smears on the lining of my underwear, and since I have NEVER EVER EVER had spotting before in-between periods, I am really starting to freak out. What are the chances of my being pregnant here... let us just say say that there was penetration and then pull out on that fateful Tuesday night.

Oh, Edit: Earlier yesterday (before the sex) there seemed to be a bit of an ingrown hair/pimple sort of thing on the inside of my thigh... which I proceeded to pop. The weird smears of what looks like blood is on the right side of my underwear, the same side that this little pimple was popped. The fact that the smears are on the right side of my underwear make me think that MAYBE it was just this little thing that bled... but I'm not sure. This is what is sort of keeping me sane right now though. Anyway, just another factor in my story!

What do you think??? What is the consistancy of implantation spotting? Any help is great appreciated!!!
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