hollywood848 (hollywood848) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sorry if this has already been posted but I'm at work and have limited Internet access and kinda need the info asap. Please forgive me :)

I'm on the pill (trivora) and I've been sick for the past week or two with a stomachy flu (throwing up, frequent bathroom visits), so I pretty much stopped taking the pill since I figured there was no point if it was just going to leave my body before it could get absorbed or whatever. Anyways, my question is since I was only 3 days into my new pack, can I just start off where I left off at or are those 3 days really that important? And also just to double check, I don't want any scares lol, it won't be effective again for a week, right?

Thank you guys so much and sorry again if this is all redundant to you!!!!

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