Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Random Questions: Diaphragms & Cloth Pads

First off, being the genius that I am, I threw away the information that came with my diaphragm after glancing through it only briefly. So today, after I'd already forgotten about it hanging out in my vagina, I also realized I did not know how to clean it.

Since it's silicone, I'm guessing I can clean it the same way I would my menstrual cup: soap, water, and letting it air dry. Yes? The reputable sites I'm Googling suggest this is the case, but I just wanted to double check here.

Also, does anyone know about the suitability of cotton corduroy for the top fabric in cloth menstrual pads? Apparently, with my post-Mirena flow, I still do not have enough pads unless I want to do laundry twice a day during my period. And appropriately themed cloth pads are key to keeping me amused by rather than frightened of the amount of fluid I lose during them. (Read: I currently have a hate-hate-fear-hate relationship with my period. Getting to bleed on cool-looking pads does a little to mitigate that fear and hate; therefore, this is kind of a big deal to me.)

Because I'm incredibly picky, I've had problems finding a cotton print or flannel that I like well enough. I found some cotton corduroys that I did like, but I wasn't sure if they'd work sufficiently well. They're 100% cotton, so I think they'd still be fairly breathable and absorbent; the ones I saw also felt as soft as cotton flannel, so I think they'd still be comfortable.

Has anyone ever actually used cotton corduroy for cloth pads, or would I be embarking on another Fun Vagina Experiment if I tried this?
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