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Painful Vaginal Opening and Itching...

Okay guys. For about a month now I've been dealing with an itchy, burning, sore vagina. I got treated for BV by my doctor, developed a yeast infection and took tons of diflucan and monistat (again, at the behest of my doctor) and the symptoms got better but never fully went away.

My doctor then did a cotton swab test and diagnosed me with vulvodynia, and perscribed me with anti-depressants (though she didn't freaking tell me they were anti-depressants. I just got home and opened the walgreens prescription bag and was like...what the hell?)

Anyway, I didn't take them. I went to a real gyno (the other doctor was a family practitioner) who ran tests for BV, yeast, and trich, which all came back negative. I've been tested for every STD under the sun now and all the tests were negative too.

So she gave me another antibiotic cream to fight a bacteria call mobiluncus that she said she might, possibly, barely even seen in my vagina. What she actually said was, "I looked for the mobiluncus, because that's really common when you've had so much medicine down there. I didn't really see it. It actually looks like everything just kinda dead down there. But I'm putting you on this antibiotic to make sure."

So...what the hell? Inside my vagina feels pretty much fine. My vulva is itchy (and sometimes this itching spreads beyond my vulva to my pubic hair and anal opening) and my vaginal opening is really sore to the touch. Really sore. Like, I could have sex, probably, but it freaking stings. (and I'm not having sex, trust me. haven't since this started... ::sad face).

Does anyone have a similar experience? I'm on my second day of anti-biotics and it seems like the itchy might MIGHT be going down and the right side of my vaginal opening might be ever so slightly less sore. But it's still sore and painful.

Does this sound like vulvodynia? Can yeast infection tests come back negative even if you've got a yeast infection?

HELP! :(
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