Sarah B. (running_farmer) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah B.

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i found it!!

guys! hey guys! i found my cervix just now! how exciting is that? i've NEVER been able to find it before - i have short fingers and i'd end up making myself feel really claustrophobic trying to reach it. but i'm due to start my period tomorrow and my cervix is way lower and harder AND I FELT IT, GUYS. IT EXISTS. IT'S THERE. it really is like the tip of a nose, and then there's the little indent, and oh my gosh bodies are so cool! i really wanted to figure out what it felt like/where it was because i'm about to buy a menstrual cup and thought that getting more in touch with what's going on in there was probably a good plan ;)

anyway this is more of a celebration post than it is a question. but has anyone else had trouble finding their cervix?
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