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Please help. I'm going crazy and I desperately need advice.

So I've been on Alesse for about 6-7 months. In the beginning, I was pretty irritable for the first week or so but that's about it. Alesse has been great for me for the past half year except for the last month I would often forget to take the pill and have to take it the next day. So on October 23rd I switched to Nuvaring, which is probably the biggest mistake of my life. I went off of Nuvaring on November 1st because I began to feel depressed and such. I've been off of Nuvaring for 2 weeks and every single day I'm either extremely sad, or I feel horrible anxiety, and I've cried every single day since. Before I even began birth control, I was kind of emotional; I've always been an emotional person but I've never cried like this.

I've had a boyfriend for the past 2 years and few months. He's the most amazing person I've ever met and I honestly can't imagine my life without him. We're completely in love but since I went off of birth control, I've been feeling confused about our relationship. One minute I'm happy and I know I want to be with him, and the next I'm crying and upset and I don't understand this feeling. Before the Nuvaring, I knew what I wanted, and now I'm so lost. He's SO amazing through all of this; he comforts me any time I need him and tries to understand this but I can't keep putting him through all of this.

I know I love him, and he loves me but I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I know it's the hormones (which is kind of what my doctor said). Apparently Nuvaring has a higher dose of estrogen or something and Alesse is a lower dose. My doctor put me back on Alesse (I've been on it for the past 2 days). Last night, I was really happy all night long (from about 7pm-4am). But this morning and all day, I've just been feeling the usual sadness. I can't take anymore of this. I haven't been to school in 3 weeks (university, not high school). I'm forgetting what happiness feels like. When the sadness takes over, I can't think straight. I feel like no one knows what I'm going through. I feel like I'm going crazy.

Can anyone give me advice please, before I go crazy.
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