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Ovarian cyst? IUD shifting?

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Hi VPers,

I've had my paragard for nearly a year with absolutely no problems until last night. My SO and I rarely have time for sexy time during our busy weeks, so last night we had quick, rough sex after a week without any sexual contact. I noticed that when he first entered me, there was a weird pressure-type feeling. Then, about 5 min afterwards, I got a HUGE piercing pain (to the right side of my uterus area) that spread to my guts and rectum. I was completely unable to move, had chills, and was light headed. The pain was so intense that I crawled into bed and fell asleep. I woke up two hours afterwards with the same stomach pains, but my cramps had subsided considerably to less-than-menstrual-cramp level. The only time that it really hurt in my uterine area was when I went to the bathroom. My past period was on time but "strange" in that it was just spotting, which is not normal for me (usually it's like opening the flood gates! Yikes!) so I took 2 pregnancy tests 1.5 and 2 weeks after the weird period, and both are negative. I think this sufficiently rules out ectopic.

Fast forward to today: I have tender breasts, the same urinary pain, pain with bowel movements... etc. These are ALL symptoms that match ovarian cyst rupture. However, I have not ruled out the possiblity of my IUD shifting. What do you think? Have any of you had to deal with [rupturing] ovarian cysts? If I were in more pain I would head over to the ER but at the moment I feel like that's sort of overkill. I'm taking pain meds which manages my cramps, and my stomach cramps are reduced to almost nothing. Thoughts? Advice? I'm so worried.
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