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Where do STI's come from?

This may seem like a stupid question, but where do STI's come from, how did they originate?
I mean, I know they are transmitted by sex, but where did it start? Like, did every case of chlmydia start from one person and it spread from there and because not every single person that has it gets treated, so it continues to spread? Is it possible for it to just spontaneously occur without contact with an infected person? I'm talking specifically about about chlmydia in this case. For example, say I was tested 6 weeks/months ago with negative results and had no sexual activity at all since that test, would it be possible to suddenly have a positive test? What if two people were tested with negative results and only had sexual contact with each other, no one else, and six weeks later both tested positive. Would it be possible to have gotten it from each other?
I'm just curious, a friend and I got into a conversation about STI's and transmission and I realized I had no clear idea, other then STI's are transmitted through what is termed 'unsafe' sexual activity, and I wondered if it was possible for STI's to spread though 'safe' sexual activity as well.
Are there new STI's emerging?

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