Al (alisongrain) wrote in vaginapagina,

How long does it take for herpes lesions to form?

I know this is my 3rd post about this, but I'm really worried...and I got very few responses to my last entry. :(

Once again, asking for a friend. They have a tender area on their vagina with like maybe 3-ish slighly raised bumped. That only hurt when pressure is applied. The irritation has been there for at least a good 48hrs now. They might be slightly bigger now, but its really hard to tell if the irritation has gotten worse or stayed the same.

So the main question is: How long does it take for herpes lesions to form? Do they turn into blisters pretty quickly?...or can it be a slow process? Does it vary from person to person?

If anyone has any answers to these questions, please PLEASE help. :(
Doctors appointment today. Really freaked out.
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