Penelope Finstermaker (noodles101) wrote in vaginapagina,
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Yeasty Question

So, here's the thing, I recently had a pretty severe ear infection bothe ears and I was put on a significant dose of antibotics to combat it.

So because of this, my vagina was not happy with me and I developed some yeasty issues.

I did the yogurt treatment twice, I just put a tablespoon in an instead cup and inserted it, it seemed more sane to me than tampons for some reason.

And I started taking triple doses of Vitamin C, and Triple Doses of Cranberry Pills.

I also, masturbated a lot... because my yeasties weren't too itchy or anything, just a lot of discharge.

Now the problem is gone.

What I was wondering, is if masturbation can possibly help to restore the normal PH to your bajingo and cure a yeast infection?

Or if maybe my bajingo is just really prone to fighting of yeasties on it's own.
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