PARTY TIME 就是 NOW (rocknload) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC Allergies

I'm severely allergic to the birth control pill Mircette—by which I mean that if I take a dose of it, in about half an hour hives will probably start erupting all over my entire body and I'll probably have to make a run to the emergency room. After I initially made this discovery the doctors put me on steroids to bring the swelling down, which left me messed up for weeks, and after that I was plagued by insanely itchy skin for the next month or so. So this is really an experience I don't want to repeat ever again. The doctor I saw for the reaction (not my GP) actually told me it'd probably be best to steer clear of any hormonal birth control because she thinks that if I have another reaction like that there's a good chance I might stop breathing. I know I should've asked her more about that right then, but she wasn't my doctor and I was still feeling like shit, so I didn't.

This is a problem because for the brief time I was taking it I really liked being on HBC, I wasn't using it for contraception but it was ace at treating hormonal problems I was having. It's important stuff but nothing worth risking my life over. But is there maybe another family of HBC that I could suggest to my GP next time I see her? Something less risky, maybe with different fake hormones in it? Sorry if this is a silly question. I'm pretty ignorant about the science, here, except for knowing that the science doesn't seem to like me too much.
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