Sarah (retrospection_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Feeling slightly weird...on HBC?

Ok. Background story:

I've been on HBC for about 10 years now. Never had a problem, never had a very serious break from pills. I've changed brands here and there (namely because of insurance) but I've always been on a triphasic pill.

Ok, so I moved and had a really hard time getting into see my new doctor. So hard a time that I used all of my remaining HBC stash and actually went off the pill. Boo. Last friday I finally went to Planned Parenthood to get myself back on. I peed in the cup... I assume they would have said something if I was pregnant, so I think I'm good on that regard. They gave me my pills and told me that I could start even though I hadn't had a full cycle yet since I'd only been off for 3 weeks.

Over the weekend, my persisting sore throat developed into Strep. yay! So monday I went into my Dr's office and FINALLY got looked at. They gave me penicillin and the H1N1 shot (which I'm not sure I wanted, but what is done is done).

Tuesday i attempt to go into work. I commute on public transit and got about halfway there when I start feeling hot and start peeling off layers of clothes (I work outside). I think I had a panic attack and had to get off the bus. Nothing like that has happened to me before. I spend most of the day sleeping, and crying, and moping about. Today again, i made it to work, but I just feel out of my head. So morose and blase and just... weird. I know its not really easy to understand from this rambling, but I've never had a depression fall on me so suddenly with such physical side effects like hot flashes.

I guess I'm wondering if its from the HBC or the flu shot. Its been so long since I've been off HBC that I don't remember if I felt this way before. And if its something that will go away or if I need to go back to PP and ask for a different brand or something
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