j_adoreeee (j_adoreeee) wrote in vaginapagina,

wetness & Birth Control first time.

everytime i have sex or even just get fingered or what not , i get very wet. I understand that the vagina naturally creates the fluid to help things slide in easier and be more comfortable, but I get so wet that literally everything is just slipping and sliding everywhere and its difficult to keep the penis inside of me. Is there anything i can do about this? I mean he hasnt complained or anything and actually likes the feeling i guess..... but i just hate the constant everything just not staying in place.

any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

also , i have a doctors appointment tomorrow and i want to ask for birth control, but im 17 and am a little anxious about asking , ive discussed sex etc with the doctor and gone to a gyno but i always get VERY nervous asking for bc , and im not sure why. so hellpp please !
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