princess_six (princess_six) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implanon weirdness?

Hi guys.

Ok, my question is this: I have had the implanon for around a year now (28th of August was when it was inserted last year) and my periods have been wacko ever since. I bled for a good 6 months when I first had it put in (as in, very light bleeding for 3 weeks, heavy normal period of 1) and they weren't very regular patches of bleeding either. Anyway, then it sorted itself out and I got my (relatively) predictable cycle back which lasted 8-12 days but was quite light for all the days except the first two. Since September, however, I have not had a period. Obviously being on birth control I am sexually active, and I panicked and took 4 pregnancy tests. 2 1 week after the missed period (1 came up negative, and one didn't work properly...I guess it was a shitty cheap one from China?) and 2 about a week ago (1 came up negative, the other one...idk what happened, apparently it means its defective, but the test area didn't show a line but the whole other part of it turned pink (no line, just solid colour)). So yeah, I'm going with 2 negative pregnancy tests. I'm planning on taking another one because I really don't want to be pregnant, but is it possible that I could HEALTHILY be missing my periods because of implanon? This late into having it inserted? Being pregnant would be the worst luck ever, he pulled out and I have this thing which is 99% effective.

I should mention I've recently moved to China (for stress factor), am recovering EDNOS (though that has not affected my period before), and am suffering a very bad bout of depression any good news will be well-recieved. I just want to know if you guys think I should go to the doctors (because doctors in China are GHETTO and I don't really want to try and explain this all in Chinese...-_-;;) or if its possible this would happen with the implanon and I'm going to be fiiine lol...
Thanks :)
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