Angel born in Hell (darkenglishrose) wrote in vaginapagina,
Angel born in Hell

Late Period Question

My period is really, really late and I'm starting to get a little bit concerned.

I thought, in the past, that I was a little irregular, but I've been tracking my period on mymonthlycycles for about a year now and while I'm not almost bang on schedule, my average cycle length is about 29 days, and in the past year they've ranged from 26-31 days (and in fact, it's more often that they're on or below 29 than above it).

I'm on day 44 of my current cycle and still no period.

The chance of pregnancy is non-existant unless immaculate conception is actually possible.

I know stress can delay your period, and I have had quite a lot to deal with recently but I don't *feel* particularly stressed out, no more than I have been over the past year - and I've had some really stressful times this year.

What else can delay your period? Could it be a sign of something serious?
Waiting is my least favourite thing in the world. I know it's an odd question, but is there anything I can do to encourage my period to get itself over with?

Thanks in advance!
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