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Labial Cyst & Strange discharge?

So, I was directed to this site by a friend who recommended it very highly :) I must say, this place seems pretty awesome! I must have learned more about my bits in a day than I have in my entire like ;D Anyways, on to the issues I am having:

1) Labial Cyst. I think I may have a cyst on my labia majora. It is above my clit (but not near/on it) in the folds right before the hairline. It hurts on and off and is generally irritated. I have been treating it with a hot compress (it's what the internetz told me to do!), but it still hasn't gone away T_T It is about the size of a pea and isn't anywhere near the area of the bartholin's glad or other common vaginal cysts I have researched. It is also not on the hairline, so it is unlikely that it is a sebaceous cyst... Any ideas what it could alternatively be? It hurts and I want it gone :(

2) Discharge. While the boyfriend was helping me treat the cyst on night, he did a double take at my vagina and declared that it looked "crusty". After investigation, the discharge was nothing like I had ever seen before (or read about):
             - Smell: none.
             - Color: white, not opaque
             - Shape: lumpy
             - Consistency: gooey, stretchy (like discharge associated w/ ovulation)

Now, I am on HBC (Junel) and during sexual activity we also use condoms (durex) + lube (O'my). I have no itching or smell. I am hoping the discharge is either a) extreme smegma buildup or b) leftover lube. However, my boyfriend and I did have condomless sex for the first time (in a bath no less) last week so I didn't clean up afterwards as there was nothing to... well, clean up XD could it be some stubborn semen that finally decided to mosey on down?

Sorry for all the questions...! I really would appreciate any insight that you have :)

Thanks in advance!

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