imuhstarr (imuhstarr) wrote in vaginapagina,

pineapple ...more questions from curiosity

hello all!
so thanks to this wonderful community I've learned (amongst other things) that pineapple makes you "sweeter" down there.
I've also heard that pineapple can help to reduce bloating due to some enzyme it has (it starts with a b I forget the name)
I was wondering if it's the same thing that makes you taste different? or does anyone have any experience with this actually happening/with any other foods that do the same?
does anyone have a possible explanation as to why it does? it's more out of curiosity, I suppose

also, I love this community and I always want to ask completely irrelevant questions, then I remember it's VAGINApagina, not a "why does this do that?" community for my constant four-year-old type questions haha.
is there another livejournal community that's a sort of medical/second opinion community that's as open, reliable and supportive as vp that anyone can recommend?


ps- I just checked the memories and noticed there's already a post or two on the pineapple thing and the "vegetarians taste better" deal, but I'm still curious haha
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