llama4u448 (llama4u448) wrote in vaginapagina,

choosing a doctor

I just got insurance through my job and now I have to choose a primary care physician. I usually only go to the doctor once or twice a year and that usually involves getting a pap smear or getting BC. Would it be wise to just pick a gynecologist for my primary care physician? I have a friend that keeps telling me to pick a family doctor or someone who focuses on internal medicine because a gyno won't treat anything else except issues dealing with reproductive organs. Is this true?

Edit: Kind of a dumb question,but what do I do when I find a doctor I want to go to? Do I just call and say "hi,this is so so, I want to just come in and establish myself as a patient"? I just did some research and found a practice that does women's health along with family medicine so it works for me. I need to do this before my old BC prescription runs out lol.
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