nickelshoe (nickelshoe) wrote in vaginapagina,

hCG levels after miscarriage

I posted a week or so ago about a miscarriage I had October 20/21.  When I was in the emergency room, my hCG was around 7000.  A few days later it was around 900.  My gynecologist wants me to test every week or so until it gets down to zero.  Last week it was 18.  So disappointing!  I wanted so badly for them to tell me everything was back to normal and I could move on.

My question is, do I really need to do another blood test?  The nurse told me to come back in a week or two.  But what's the chance at this point, with bleeding having stopped over a week ago and hCG down to 18 last week that there's anything wrong?  Is it worth the stress and time of going in to the doctor's office?  (And I'm not entirely sure if it's covered by my insurance, but even if it is, someone is still paying for the use of resources whether or not it's me.) 

My main concern is that if something does go wrong--like if my period doesn't come in the next few weeks or is significantly out of the ordinary--I'll have to go back to the gynecologist without having finished up the hCG testing.  
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