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New lube and condom reviews (well, at least new to me)

My boyfriend (we're in an LDR) just visited me for two and a half weeks (hello sex 3-4x a day), and I quickly noticed that my lube was...well...separated? I guess it had been by the window for too long because it seemed too watery, and not slick enough. I decided to go by my local Walgreens, because they have a fairly large lube selection, but wasn't having much luck finding a water-based lube that did not contain glycerin. I do own silicone lube as well, but honestly? I don't get the hubbub. I find it gives too much drag and seeps into my skin too quickly.

So, when I decide I'll just have to use the separated lube, lo and behold I see KY Jelly. Now, I hate KY with a burning passion. I say burning because that's exactly what all their products do to me -- jelly, regular lubes, warming (dear god no), tingling, whatever. I've never been a fan. Well, I see that this tube is called KY Sensitive Jelly and claims to have no parabens or glycerin. Hmm. I buy it (only about $7.00 for a 3 oz tube of jelly, which will last a long time). I'm still skeptical, but figure I might as well give it a shot. My vag needed lube, one way or another, and I was excited about the new find.

Wow. I love it. Nice and thick. A little goes a long way. Feels very slick and like natural lubrication. Has no taste or smell, and doesn't feel sticky. My new favorite lube and from KY. I wouldn't have believed it myself. So yay to new lube!

During this trip I also lost my condom virginity. I've been sexually active for almost 10 years (wow, that feels strange to say) and have always used a condom before any penetration occurred. For a long time it was because of pregnancy prevention, for a while it was for STD prevention, and then somewhere along the line I figured I would just save bareback sex for whoever I decided to marry. Well, one night we just decided to go for it (I'm on the pill also), and oops. I don't think I'll ever go back to condom sex again, except for certain instances. I am pretty certain this guy will be my husband, so I don't regret it or anything.

My point is that we decided to have sex on my period (he's not crazy about it), and we also decided to use a condom for less mess. I had some Crown Skinless Skins lying around to try, and after reading some reviews we decided to go for those. I have to say I agree with the reviews -- after using condoms forever, then going without for about two weeks, and then going back to these, they are the most real feeling condoms I've tried (and both of us said "ooo yeah" on entry so they must be good). Thanks for the recommendation superstars!
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