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Several months ago I made the decision to go off hbc, which I had been taking for nearly 15 years. The first month off went fine, but since then I have been having a lot of difficulty with my cycle.


For the past 2 months I have one week of heavy bleeding followed by one week of light spotting, and then repeat. I eat a healthy diet and work out frequently. I recently began taking NOW “Female Balance” with Wild Yam, Vitex, Dong Quai and GLA. However, the bottle says to not consume the first week of the period….so I usually only end up taking it for a week and then am off it again.

I have discussed this with my doctor...unfortunately the "solution" she is pushing is for me to go back on the pill and try a new one. One of the reasons I started thinking of going off was due to things getting kind of wacky while on it. They have done bloodwork on me, and iron and sugar levels are normal.

I was put on the pill at 17 to regulate and decrease the intensity of my periods. It had actually been suggested that I go on as early as 14. Over the years have to switch pills at one point, which was very difficult to find one that "worked." When I started having trouble again, I started doing some research that made it clear to me that I should not be taking hbc.

I eat no processed foods, and absolutely no processed grains or sugars. Mainly organic foods - that is somewhat of a challenge where I am, but any animal product is organic. Little to no red meat, my main sources of protien are chicken and legumes. Very little bread or pasta. Don't drink much milk, but do have yogurt every day. Fruits and Vegetables at every meal.

With my irregularity I do not have trouble with missing periods, quite the opposite. Rather, I nearly have my period all the time...which has definitely put a damper on the sex life.  :(

I work in a high stress environment, which I try to compensate for though exercise (6 times a week), yoga, and meditation.

understand it can take some time for my body to find its natural cycle again, especially after being on the pill for so long…mainly I am wondering if anyone has any further suggestions for me to try to encourage my body into a more natural cycle, or is my only option waiting it out...

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