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I am thinking of changing my BC and am looking for a bit of anecdata on unwanted pregnancies.

Anyone who's ever had one - in a sentence, how did it happen?
- Condom split / came off
- I'd been told I was infertile and wasn't
- Made a mistake in tracking ovulation etc with FAM
- He lied that he'd been sterilized
- Were using withdrawal and he didn't pull out in time
- I had a stomach upset and it interfered with the efficacy of my pill
- Had unprotected sex (got drunk / just decided to risk it / whatever)
- His sterilization or mine reversed itself
- Hadn't planned to have PIV and in fact didn't but semen for transferred on his fingers
- Was using BC incorrectly for some reason (youthful inexperience or whatever)
- Was using HBC and condoms and still don't have a clue what happened. . .

etc. etc. - anything at all that could lead to an unplanned pregnancy. What's the most common way it happens?

I'm not asking what you did about the pregnancy subsequently, just how it came about.
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