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What's Going On?

Hello all! I am having a little bit of a freakout and thus decided to post here to help calm my nerves a little before my appointment this Thursday. I'm a total hypochondriac and this is definitely making me think the worst. I had my annual checkup like 3 months ago and all was well. I am also in a monogamous relationship.

Last week, my boyfriend and I had a hard core sex session. It was intense and it lasted a long time. I remember sitting up right after it and I felt a sore pain in my nether-regions, which I just attributed to general soreness. Over the course of the week, it has not gotten any better. I can feel it if I sit a certain way or if I lay down and push my butt into the bed. Worst of all is that we actually tried having sex and it hurt like crazy when I was on top or on my side, but I had no pain when he was on top. Basically, it seems like it hurts whenever his penis goes up against my front vaginal wall. I also have slight pain around my vaginal opening. If I had any of the burning associated with a UTI, I'd think it might be the case. I have been peeing often but I always pee a lot since I drink an insane amount of water.

It's the strangest thing, really. It almost feels like the pain is associated with my hymen (although I have been sexually active for a long time) and that things are not arranged down there the same way they were. hymen bits are more prominent than they were before.

I know this post is really strange but I was wondering if any of you ladies had ever experienced anything similar, especially when it comes to the pain along the front vaginal wall, that gets really bad when you're on top or he's entering you from the side.

Thanks in advance!
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