Liv (maelstromfruit) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just started HBC


I just started HBC (ortho tri-cyclin lo) this month, and I am currently on my placebo week. My period started 12 days ago, before I was on my placebo week. Initially I wasn't worried because my doctor told me that it takes 2-3 months to adjust and it started at about the same time that it would have had I not been on the pill, but now, 12 days later, still on my period, I am beyond frustrated, and worried. Is this normal? My period typically lasts 4-6 days, so 12 days, even introducing new hormones into my system, seems excessive. I'm due to start a new pack of active pills on Wednesday, will this help staunch the bleeding or make it worse? Any input is beyond appreciated.
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