combeefly (combeefly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yet another, could I be pregnant-post.

At this time, I had been off my pills for about a month. On September 16 I had sex, using a condom and had sex again on the 19/20, also using condoms. I saw my doctor on the 23rd and got back on my pills.
In October I had my withdrawl bleed (which I cut short to shift my next withdrawl to accommodate for a trip).

My question is - what are the chances of me being pregnant?
Or more likely, could I be with only being off the pill for a month and the slim margin of condom-user-error?
I'm guessing not, but over the past two months I have experienced some weight gain. I'm a tiny gal and usually keep a consistent weight, so it is a bit unusual for me.
The only things that have changed are going back on my pill and I had been working out for awhile (and thus eating a bit more - though I don't know if feeling hungry all the damn time but never quiet full is symptomatic of my body reacting to work-outs or of pregnancy).
Other than the weight gain, the only other difference in my body that I've noticed is that I have been having night sweats occasionally, though I know that could be because of stress or simply getting too damn hot during the middle of the night.
I just got curious about the possibility because my weight gain is mostly in the tummy area.

I'm considering going to the dollar store and picking up a test, but I just thought I'd get the thoughts and opinions of some superstars before doing so!
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