Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

Allergies and nipple itchiness

So I'm having pretty bad allergies lately... and I'd given up on the inner-ear itching, eye itching, sneezing, etc. Not that it doesn't suck on its own.
But now my nipples are itching. And I know it's not due to detergent (we haven't washed clothes in about two weeks) or the dryness lately in my dorm (darn that winter weather - but I've not been using soap and applying plenty of lotion) or wearing one particular bra (because they itch without a bra).
So I'm reduced to that awkward shifting around, or crossing your arms so you can sneak a scratch, or running to the bathroom to stick a hand down there and scratch.
God, I feel like a freak :(
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