thistlestickle (cadetsandkings) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and PMDD advice-UK specific?

Hi VP superstars :)

Y'all have answered many a question for me in the past. I am an American living in the UK so I have some questions you might be able to help with.. but first some boring history!

-I have a tentative diagnosis of PMDD from 2006 but I'm not sure it's not something else.

-I have not used HBC of any kind since 2006, because the Evra patch made me lose my marbles and I'm kinda scared of it.

-I have phantom ovary pain on the right side, I'm getting a scan soon but so far we haven't been able to figure out why. I have a family history of fibroid masses/tumours (mom and maternal grandma) and endo (mom) so I want to know if I have uterus-adjacent shenanigans.

-I've historically had easy periods but so did my mom AND my aunt; didn't stop them from suddenly getting really really bad in their mid-twenties/thirties. This year I've had more bad periods than ever before: cramps, pain, and downright misery, as well as heavier bleeding on occasion. Nothing like what some of you face but it was a shocker for me, I can tell you.

-I used Prozac for two years to manage the depression/PMDD but it stopped working so now I am medication free since July 2008, I was managing fine but now I am NOT. Hence the seeking of assistance. :)

-I had a copper IUD from Feb 2007-Aug 2009 and loved it, but when this phantom pain cropped up and then didn't go away in early 2008 I always wondered if the IUD caused it. I now know it didn't and now I regret having it removed, because I LOVED IT.


-I am considering, pending psych/gyno input from relevant doctors, trying HBC rather than antidepressants as a first port of call to regulate my moods a bit better and also hopefully, once we see if there's anything on the scan, to regulate this fucking pain that never comes at a regular point in my cycle. Is that a bad idea?

-I am looking mainly at low-estrogen pills, and am wondering if you have experience on tri-phasic pills? And if you could please point me to a resource about UK brands because I'm familiar with them in the US but no one knows what OTC/OTC-lo are here!

-I am wondering if you think perhaps a Mirena IUD is a possible option for me? I am concerned that I may have problems with cysts so I'm not sure, I thought Mirena was progestogen-only, and I thought perhaps incorrectly that P-only HBC was not a great idea with cysts.

-Anything else you have to add? I am frustrated with feeling like I am (going) nuts. I have been in a fairly deep funk for the last 6-9 months but it has been on and off, some is situational but some is definitely chemical, and I want it to stooooop.

-Also, if anyone has useful resources regarding what antidepressant medications are available in the UK, so that I can read up on them, that would be great. I want to take the medication process slowly and do my research first.

Thanks folks!!
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