may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Femcon FE?

My doctor at my campus health clinic just prescribed me Femcon FE and told me it would be cheap. I went to Walmart to pick it up, and expected to pay like $10. It was almost $70. Did they mess up, and give me the brand name or something? Is Ovcon the generic? I was horrified at the cost but luckily the college health insurance will reimburse me up to $75...but damn.

So, users of Femcon FE...Do you like it? Do you chew them or swallow them whole? I personally don't like the idea of chewing my pill so I'm not gonna do that. I'm switching from Microgestin, the generic of Loestrin, because I have break through bleeding ALL the time. Like every other week. It sucks. I was told by my doctor since the dosage of estrogen is higher in Femcon, it would lessen my break through bleeding...and maybe my zits too? But would more estrogen make me gain weight? I am very happy with my current weight and do not want to gain or lose any. Also...has anyone who has tried Femcon had dryness issues because of it? I'd hate for that to happen. Sigh. All these toss ups when it comes to HBC is starting to make me wonder if it is for me or not. I was on Yaz for a really long time and it was wonderful, but I couldn't afford it. I wish I could. It depends on my family's new health insurance. We'll see. Meanwhile...Thoughts on Femcon, even though I know any pill will effect any given person differently?

Thanks in advance :)
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