h3ll0th3r3 (h3ll0th3r3) wrote in vaginapagina,

cold sore "tingling"

this isn't exactly vag-related, but i wasn't sure where else to ask it.

when people say you feel a "tingling" before a cold sore develops - what exactly does that mean? is it constant or on and off? is it like an itch, or a pain, or like pins and needles...what?

i've never had a cold sore, but occasionally - like right now - i'll feel a tingly spot on my lip (almost like it's vibrating a teeny bit) and freak out and ponder running out to buy abreva or whatever. but yeah, it's never developed into a sore, not once. so i'm just wondering if there are any tell-tale signs that i should be looking for if it is, in fact, going to become a cold sore. i'd love to stop freaking out over nothing. :)
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