book_in_reverse (book_in_reverse) wrote in vaginapagina,

freaking out about bumps.

several months ago (around 6) i had casual sex with this guy. i was safe and used a condom (like i ALWAYS do). for some reason though i can't stop freaking out about stds. i convinced myself several times that i had contracted herpes (though never getting any symptoms). i think i'm mostly posting here to put my mind at ease. over the summer i got 2 canker sores in my mouth a couple weeks apart (just one sore each time, which according to everyone i've asked canker sores are very common during your early 20s).
mostly i'm concered with these bumps i have on the crease between my labia majora and minora. i've had them for a long time, they are flesh colored and slightly raised. they are in a straight line on both sides. they never really bother me until i find another reason to throw myself into a panic and i start "examining them"...which just ends up irritating my entire area vulva (which then convinces me again that i have herpes. i know i should definitely just get tested and get it over with...but i'm kind of nervous.
any words of advice?
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