Liz (trix_are4_kids) wrote in vaginapagina,

pregnant or not?

I'm really nervous about this, so I knew this was the place to come before I beat myself up with stress in the home-pregnancy test aisle at the pharmacy..

OK, at the beginning of my birth control pack, Monday (tomorrow is my last day of sugar pills- for reference) I was unable to renew my pack so I couldn't take my first pill until Tuesday at like 5ish? (I usually take them at 9pm), also later that same week (it could even have been Saturday) I forgot to take my pill until several hours later.

That Saturday (the first week of my pack) my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom, he then took off the condom- but didn't really make an effort to wipe off his penis after removal. About 15 minutes later we had sex again, for the first little bit we didn't use a condom, and then when we were really going to "get into it" he put a condom on.

Do you think any of this is grounds for pregnancy?

For the rest of the month I've had more than usual discharge, my period did come this Thursday (a day or two earlier) but it was pretty light (only a bit lighter than usual) and finished last night/this morning. Usually my period runs into the Monday (just the gross after-stuff).

Am I stressing myself over nothing? I took a basic quiz on and they said because of the discharge& stuff I should take a test.. The idea of getting a test really scares me- plus I really dont have a spare $20 to throw down on a test if you all will say its not necessary.

I'm so mad at myself because before and after that week I have been RIDICULOUSLY GOOD at taking my pill within half an hour.. Which I usually can never do.

Thanks in advance!
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