Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Possible Endo, Surgery, Cloth Pads, and Bleeding All Over the Place

There. I think that covers pretty much everything.

After seeing a specialist earlier this week, yesterday, we got the go-ahead from my insurance company to do a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat potential endometriosis that is hanging out in my pelvic region. Now I have to decide if I want it.

1) So first, anyone have experiences with laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and/or treat endometriosis? I had one lap about... 12?... years ago, but they didn't find anything. Now that I know more about this type of thing, though, I'm not sure if that was a limitation of the lap or of the person performing it. Particularly if you had surgery to remove endometrial tissue (this is assuming they find it in me this time) a while ago, how's its success long-term? (I'm not so concerned with what to expect from the procedure itself or with short-term recovery.)

2) My next factor to consider is cost. I hate that it's a make-or-break factor for a procedure that has the potential to majorly impact my quality of life, but the truth is, cost is a Big Deal issue on this. Anyone know a ball park estimate for the total cost of a laparoscopy? (Fortunately, I won't be paying the full cost, but since insurance policies are so different from one another, knowing the full cost is what would best help me estimate my own cost.) I'm going to contact both my doctor's office any my insurance company on Monday to try and get more specific-to-me numbers, but in the meantime, a general idea would be helpful to letting my brain try to compute things.

Also a couple of random-ish other questions:

3) Anyone know how large a wetbag I'd need in order to store 10-20 (and regularly on the high end of that range) cloth menstrual pads? (Regular length pads, not postpartum or overnight.) Even with my menstrual cup, I go through that many in a regular work day, and I'm trying to figure out a discreet way to store them. I have limited personal (or private) storage space in my classroom. And stuffing them in Ziploc bags in a tote bag in the corner is not as private as I'd like to be. I've been browsing Etsy for wetbags designed for cloth diapers, but I'm not sure what constitutes an accurate cloth-diaper-to-cloth-pad ratio.

4) Last one. Waiting for me at the pharmacy right now is my new diaphragm. I'd like to test it out (*coughcoughhavepivsexcough*) before my fertile days. However, given the gloriously long periods and short cycles I've been running, I will have an estimated 1-2 days after my period but before my EWCM shows up. Assuming the pain in my uterus/back/hips stops sending shards of stabbity doom throughout my pelvis, will I be able to do this? I know I can use a diaphragm when I'm bleeding, but can I do it while I'm basically gushing blood? Or is it likely to slip out of place and whack me in the cervix? Anyone have experience with this one?

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