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Hey guys, I need a bit of help!

After my period, I often have a bit of pain externally near my vagina. The pain is very localized, and I only notice it if urine touches the area, or hot water in the shower touches it. Usually it's on the right side - that labia is a little longer, so I figured maybe it was getting pulled into my vagina by the tampon applicator. I recently switched to Diva Cup, and I'm noticing the same pain but on the other side - my period ended a week ago, so this is a while to have the issue.

I checked it out in a hand mirror just now and there is a thin red line that is irritated. Could this be a tiny tear? If so, will it just go away on its own? I put a tiny dab of Neosporin on it with the hopes that would help it heal. 

does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this? At what point should I make a doctor's appointment?? It's not majorly painful, but I want to have sex with my husband and I feel like it might irritate it! 

Thanks, ladies!

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