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Waking up with serious menstrual cramps while on BC

Almost a year and a half ago I was prescribed birth control pills (Trivora) because my period would not regulate and I was having debilitating cramps -I started menstruating at thirteen and was nineteen when I started the BC. The BC really has helped regulate and get my cramps under control, so that I am not bedridden every month. However, I did notice that every once in a while I'd wake up (usually a week or two before my period was due to start) with very severe menstrual cramps. They'd wake me up and I'd have to take a dose of Motrin. They usually went a way fairly quickly. A couple times, immediately after I'd take the Motrin they'd just stop instantly -strange! I chalked this up to the fact that I don't take my pills at exactly the same time every day. I'm not taking them for actual birth control, so I never felt the necessity to be so careful. Also, these cramping episodes have been few and far between, not a regular occurrence.

However, this morning I woke up at six in the morning with EXTREME cramps. They were so extreme, I was woken from a deep sleep and thought that I desperately needed to pee. After I did, I realized it was cramps, so I took some Motrin. Like I said previously, they usually go away pretty fast, but these didn't! They're still around over an hour later, though not as strong. This is weird because I have been taking them almost the same time every night this month... Argh.

So, I have some questions: Do you think these nighttime/early morning cramping fits are connected to by BC pills? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Do you think that these cramps might be caused by something psychological or that they are exacerbated by something psychological (because they usually go away so fast?) And finally, do you think this is something that I should be concerned/ go to the doctor about?

Thanks you all so much in advance! This is a great community of supportive, intelligent women and I am happy I found you all!

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