Louie Anderson (caustic_sofa) wrote in vaginapagina,
Louie Anderson

Ocella Concerns - UPDATE

Previous post here: http://community.livejournal.com/vaginapagina/17361892.html

They performed an ultrasound on both of my legs, which were negative for blood clots. WOOHOO! But I'm not totally satisfied...

I spoke with my OBGYN about Ocella, and that I really, really LIKE taking it, but she was very adamant about me getting off of it ASAP. When I asked about other HBCs I could take similar to Ocella but with a different formula, her answer, "NO - I don't want you taking any HBC." And her only reasoning? I smoke cigarettes.

I totally understand smoking increases your risk. However, I really wouldn't categorize myself as super-HIGH-risk (not overweight, not over 35, no past history of blood clots/the like). But it irritates me a little bit she was the one who PUSHED, and HARD, I use HBC knowing I'm a smoker. And knowing I tested negative for blood clots, why not another HBC if Ocella is the proverbial Big Bad Wolf out of all that's out there. Or majority, anyway.

So, I'm stuck. If I quit smoking, can I still take Ocella or a DIFFERENT HBC? (Asked this of my OBGYN and she was quick to brush it off/handed me a pamphlet of non-hormonal methods of BC.)

Again- thanks!
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