Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy risk which I'm probably overthinking...

I took my last dose of my antibiotic (generic for Vantin; used for my UTI/kidney infection) on Thursday the 29th. I took it for two weeks before that.
I took Diflucan that night as well (which if you remember my last post apparently has a birth control interference warning now).

I had sex Friday night; I only had one condom and we didn't use that for PIV...
He came, inside me as per normal... I totally forgot about asking him to pull out in the heat of the moment. I know, idiotic of me.

Saturday and Sunday I took my birth control on time as I'd been before the sex Friday. Monday, I took it an hour early.
Tuesday and Wednesday I totally forgot to take it due to stress. I started again yesterday.
I went to the campus health center yesterday and took a urine pregnancy test (standard procedure) and was negative... but I'm 98% if I had gotten pregnant (that's not the correct term technically) it wouldn't show in urine that early.

I'm kinda freaking myself out over this. I'm worried that I might have ovulated due to the antibiotics, and that I might have fertilized the damn thing that Friday night.
Do I have enough of a chance of being pregnant that I should go back to the health center and ask for a blood test, specifically? Or am I being overly paranoid?
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