edge_ofthe_sea (edge_ofthe_sea) wrote in vaginapagina,

Extreme cramps

When not on HBC, I have always had pretty damn killer cramps; usually so bad that I would stay home from school or have to be picked up from school. And even taking 4 ibuprofen (doctor said to do this instead of fill a script for a pill that had the same dosage, but would cost me more), heating pad, cats on my tummy, rest, and better diet have not helped with that pain. I've been off HBC for about a year now - long story short: parents changed insurances often, kept getting switched around on which ones they'd let me take, went on Ortho Cyclen b/c it was all I could afford, and it left me a friggin hormonal, emotional mess all the time - I also have a mood disorder.

When I initially went off it, I actually posted here b/c I didn't get my period at all for...about 4 months at that time, which I found out is normal, as long as it doesn't go past 6 months. I had one day of bleeding around that time and then nothing until approximately 7-8 months after I went off HBC. I've had...2-3 periods since then, mostly random, each one getting more and more painful cramps associated with them.

Got my period today. Went to work. Got out of work and went to go shopping and BAM! Just as painful or more than when I was in high school. I have an appointment see a gyno at the end of this month because I'm pretty damn sure I have Endometriosis (mom has it) and will be pretty happy if I have it - I've wanted an ablation since I was 19 (am 23 at the moment) and honestly, it would be nice to just know that X is causing all this pain, eh?

So when you have painful cramps, are there things you do besides the traditional pain pills, heating pads, or eating healthy? Orgasm doesn't work for me (it's hard enough getting one when I'm not in pain) and I don't know yoga, so any positions that might help would have to be kind of basic. I'm probably asking for the impossible and if so, then strategies to try and forget the pain?
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