lynzee_nicole (lynzee_nicole) wrote in vaginapagina,

Change in cramps...

I've always had bad cramps, so bad that I would often stay home from school when I was young.  I was on HBC from Feb 04 until Dec 07.  During that time my cramps weren't so bad, but I got the Paragard IUD in Dec 07, and my cramps have been different ever since.  Before my IUD, my cramps were fairly normal cramps, I guess.  It was my lower abdomen in which the pain centralized, though I sometimes felt a strong ache in my vulva, kinda like all my innards were trying to fall out. :)  The cramps would feel better after I took some sort of NSAID, and the ache was quickly comforted by sitting down. 

Since my IUD, I hardly ever feel pain in my abdomen at all.  The pain is always directly in my cervix.  I can feel a very sharp, intense pain during cramps, and it comes in waves.  I can tell it's my cervix, and nothing helps.  They are the worst cramps I've ever had, and I have such a hard time relieving them.  Before, strong pressure on my abdomen or a hot bath or heating pad would take the edge off, but now that the cramps are actually centered around my cervix, nothing can touch them.  Pain relievers don't work, and hot baths and heating pads are only touching areas that don't hurt.  Actually, the only thing that relieves the pain is having sex.  I thought before that with my cervix in so much pain, anything touching it would be horrible, but I can feel as soon as my bf's penis touches my cervix, and it's like immediate relief.  A cervical massage, I guess.  Now, I have no objection to having sex to cure my cramps, I love to have sex with my bf all the time (he jokes I'm in a constant state of horniness,) but this is not something that is always feasible.  He works long hours, and if we're ever out or have the kids here, we obviously can't have sex.  Not to mention that it's not fair for him to be expected to drop everything and be ready to have sex with me every time I'm cramping. 

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has cramps like this, and if they have any suggestions for relieving them.  They are so intense, I can 't sleep when I have them, and everytime one hits, I just feel like I have to drop to all fours and scream.  Thankfully, only about a day or two of my cycle is like this (normally the two days prior to my period starting.)
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