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Anonymous Post: Swine flu, late period, pregnant?

Greetings, fellow Superstars! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. :)

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For the VP Team


This is basically a paranoid "am I pregnant" question. I am a woman in her mid-30s, and have been on hormonal birth control pills continuously for many, many years. I am currently on Seasonique (have been on it for the past year), and have always been very good about taking the pill each day at about the same time. [Before going on Seasonique, I was on Seasonale for 3 years, and Ortho Tri-cyclen before then]

My long-term boyfriend and I do not use condoms, relying on the pill for birth control.

I had the swine flu last week, which was also the last week of my 3 month cycle. This week I should have had my period starting Tuesday mid-day (my period is like clockwork on Seasonique), but instead got only bloating and light spotting. I took a drug store pregnancy test (EPT) this morning (Friday morning), and it came back negative.

I called my doctor, and she said that she thought that there was extremely little chance of pregnancy, given my continual use of HBC and the negative pregnancy test. She's willing to give me a blood test, but she doesn't think it's necessary, especially since the H1N1 is a likely explanation for the missed period.

I'm inclined to agree with her, and not come in for a blood test. My plan is to take another EPT pee test next week, and if it's also negative, to not worry about it at all.

So question is: am I reasonable in relying on the negative drug store pee test and the fact that I'm on birth control? Or should I be insisting on a blood test?

[nb: I am planning on discussing with my boyfriend, and if he really wants the blood test, then I'll get it for his peace of mind, even if I think it's not needed]
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