A lil' bit of you and me (sunshinii) wrote in vaginapagina,
A lil' bit of you and me

Sex Flush?

I've tried looking , but I didn't really find anything that I was looking for ...

My SO and I have regular sex , and only sometimes I would get flushed . And when I say only sometimes , I mean pretty rarely . I've only had it happen three or four times , and we've been together for more than a year . There isn't a pattern of it happening that I can identify , it's usually just when I'm really enjoying what we're doing .

Most of the time it happens during PIV in special positions but once it happened while he was fingering me & rubbing my clit .

So my problem is , I've never had an orgasm with him , and I'm really excited because I think this may be an indicator of an orgasm soon-to-be ! The only way I was ever able to orgasm was through clitoral stimulation during masturbation , and no matter how hard he tries to do the same , I can't get off from what he does (even though its pretty much the exact same thing !) And don't get me wrong , the sex is quite amazing and I'd still be very content without an orgasm .

During these bouts of sex flush , I can distinctly feel the blood rush towards my face , however it fades pretty quick ... and I really wouldn't know if I was able to make them last longer because they're so illusive. Also , I always seem to get flushed right when we get really into it and he's about to cum so it often ends after that and I can't get the same feeling again .

I tried googling it and I didn't find much about it so I guess my question is : Do you ever experience sex flush ? Is it a regular thing that occurs ? When you become flushed , do you orgasm afterwards ? How long does it take for you to orgasm after you've become flushed ? Is sex flush a direct indicator of an orgasm coming ?

I feel like I'm just so close , and if I knew more about it I would be able to try to help it happen .

Thanks in advance !
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