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 Hey folks!

I have very dark hair everywhere. My arms, face, legs, tummy, back and bikini area. I bleach my upper lip which is fine, and shaving my legs isn't too much of an issue, however I get pretty bad rashes from shaving my pubic area. I've become interested lately in the idea of electrolysis though, and wanted to know if any of you have had any experience with it? I was looking at DIY home electrolysis kits on Amazon, and pretty much all of them have awful reviews, but the idea of paying out once for something I can use again and again is more appealing than getting anything done at a salon, however a salon would probably be more equipped for dealing with larger areas of hair, rather than smaller or individual hairs like the home kits do.

I've heard about dangers of using these kits, and wondered if anyone knew about them? Will the effect they have be different on different hair types, eg; light, fine hair on the face, for example, could work fine, but on coarser, black, pubic hair it might not work? The areas I'm most interested in targetting are my bikini region, upper lip, and possibly my stomach.

Really any advice or experiences anyone can share would be greatly appreciated :)

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