lolabobs (lolabobs) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hysterectomy - total or subtotal?


I'm 37 and will be having a hysterectomy shortly, due to excessive fibroids and the very heavy blood loss, constant periods, constant pain and accompanying anaemia that accompanies them.

I have now to decide whether to have a total (where the cervix is removed) or Subtotal (where it isn't) operation. They will definitely be leaving my ovaries. It is most probably going to be an abdominal surgery - again due to the size and number and location of the fibroids - so those decisions aren't for me to ponder.

I have been looking online, but so far the links I've seen have been pretty non committal as to which option is 'better', and I wondered if anyone had personal experience, or could point me at helpful sites to aid me in my decision.

If anyone has info re the operation itself and/or recovery that would be helpful also, as mostly all I've had in rl is a number of women sucking in air through their teeth, then telling me how they "nearly died" on the operating table...

Hope this is appropriate for a first post, I've read the FAQ and checked teh tags. Thanks for listening!
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