Louie Anderson (caustic_sofa) wrote in vaginapagina,
Louie Anderson

Ocella Concerns

I posted before about my concerns, read the great advice and links provided and have been taking it for the past month or more. Out of all the HBCs I've taken in the past, Ocella has given me ZERO hormonal grief. It's been GREAT, tbh. Cleared up my skin, minimized pores.. No weight gain and I poop on the clock EVERYDAY (had issues prior with constipation).

But I'm a little concerned about two things - at night when my legs are relaxed, I feel pain in my calve muscles. No pain throughout, but it's almost as if someone were to take their thumb and press down HARD on one spot. I've also noticed that I've a swollen, painful lymph node under my armpit.

I do smoke less than 1 pack of cigarettes a day and am by no means overweight. I'm not physically active, meaning, I don't walk for the sole purpose of exercise, and majority of my day (8hrs), I'm sitting at a desk. :"\

So my questions are - could the pain I have in my calves be cause of blood clots and if so, although this sounds really dumb, do I need to treat it like an emergency or just consult my OBGYN and get off the pill ASAP (it's not causing me pain unless I'm lying down/no breathing problems)? Are there alternative HBCs a lot like Ocella but with a different chemistry?

Many thanks!

Edit: So I called my OBGYN and she wants me to come in first thing tomorrow morning for a leg scan-thing (forget the actual name) for a "study". I was told to stop taking the pill immediately. Now I'm really scared.
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