flyingjay (flyingjay) wrote in vaginapagina,

cysts while on HBC, and Genital Warts


Two Questions:

1- Do ovarian cysts necessarily mean that one is ovulating? My sister is on HBC, but she swears she gets ovulatory pain. Then she went for an ultrasound, and sure enough she has ovarian cysts. Does that mean she's ovulating while on her HBC? (She's on Nuvaring, for the record)

2- I'm in a complicated sort of situation with a guy I know...there's been major sexual tension between us, and I think I want to hook up with him, but I happen to be fairly certain that he gave one of the last girls he was with a really stubborn case of genital warts. (Well, I know for sure she has them, and she'd only been with 1 guy before him, and that was almost a year prior to him. The warts appeared soon after she slept with him...also, not that it's relevant but I feel the need to mention that she's a good friend of mine,in a serious relationship with someone else, and has completely given me her blessing to hook up with him...) Some things to consider: it's been more than a year since she slept with him, I've had the guardasil shot (my friend hadn't), and he has had no symptoms (I don't even think he's aware of her situation, actually.)

The questions this situation has raised for me are: 1-can I sleep with him? obviously that depends on whether it's an acceptable risk for me, but can anyone help me figure out approximately what that risk is, exactly? and 2-if I decide I'm not willing to have PIV sex with him, what are the risks of contracting a genital wart strain of hpv through other sexual behaviors (ie, is it possible to get warts on one's mouth?)

GRRR, i really wish they could test guys for HPV. I know it's usually not a big deal at all, and I'm sure it's even possible (probable?) that I've already had some strain of un-symptomatic HPV, but in this case it would be really helpful to know if he's carrying a strain that guardasil hasn't protected me from.... (also, typing that made me think of another question that's not clear to me: does an HPV infection ever go away? I've heard a doctor say that they sometimes clear themselves out of the body after a few years, but I've also heard that it's one of those viral infections that never goes away. Just curious...)
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